6th Asia Pacific Heart of Worship Festival & Tradeshow

27-29 October, 2017, Las Vegas

Brought to you by Asia Pacific Festival LLC for The Amen Missionary Ministry International Organization


6th Asia Pacific Heart of Worship Festival & Tradeshow

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We are pleased to announce the 2017 Asia Pacific Heart of Worship Festival & Tradeshow to be held on October 27, 28, 29 at the famous Craig Ranch Park in North Las Vegas, NV.


Producer’s mission to experience the Works of the Author of Life in mysterious ways through the Heart of Worship Inspirational Songs of Praises and Worships performed in 3 days by numerous numbers of inspirational ministry choirs/worshippers from several Non-denominational Christian Churches that will bring joy to our “Great Amen”, bringing all Christian believers join together with one voice and one spirit. (Philippians 2:2)


Producer’s objective to contribute and lead the ways to generate fund raising for each individual Non-denominational churches through its participation on this festival truly designed by the “Great Amen” (Rev. 3-14)

Our Goal to proclaim and spread the Good News through inspirational talks, testimonials, and witness miracles in people’s live experienced by Christian Believers, conducted and proclaim by spiritual leaders and guests. To enhance the spirit of every individual Christian believers and listeners and walk with them to the life of Salvation.

Our main goal to produce high quality community and family driven festival and trade shows to exhibit, introduce and showcase different Asian products and services in a more family – oriented atmosphere and to worshipers to express their gratitude of God’s goodness through praise and worship concert performed by non-denominational Church Ministry Choirs.


A family driven music festival and tradeshow to experience and witness the marvelous Works of our “Great Amen:” through Christian believers from all walks of life uniting together on a celebration of feast designed to be in the midst of joy, love and care for one another and unite Christianity. (Isaiah 12:6)

Heart of Worship concert performed by Christian believers and worshipers from numerous numbers of non-denominational ministry churches and bring whole concept to.

Tradeshow features a diverse mix of Entrepreneur, manufacturer, distributor and retailer exhibitors designed to support and give enhancement on every individual who will be given the privilege to showcase their products, merchandise, variety of authentic cuisines and specialties.


The first and only festival cultured to Asia Pacific and American Families.

The 2010 Asian Festival & Tradeshow is focused on becoming the leading provider of first class exhibitions, whereby exhibitors and vendors can be exposed to multinational visitors and corporations from various states and nations. During the duration of the expo, exhibitors will have the opportunity to educate and enlighten visitors, meet new prospects, increase their client base, conduct business and even have physical demonstrations. We’ll put you in contact with manufacturers and distributors of different products and services making its benefits accessible to all.

Don’t miss the chance to be a part of this historical event. Experience the presence of the Holy PSirit during the Heart of Worship Concert.

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